I belong to a cross-faculty research group at Sheffield Hallam University – the Outdoor Recreation Research Group. We bring together economists, social scientists, engineers and behavioural change experts, to provide research evidence, expertise and consultancy services to encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors more often. Do contact us if we can assist your organisation.

Organisations I am following:

Natural England – The English government agency for `people, places and nature`.

Outdoor Recreation Network – a network of over 26 UK and Republic of Ireland government agencies and non-governmental organisations working to promote research and good practice in outdoor recreation (used to be the Countryside Recreation Network and – for the very old – the Countryside Recreation Research and Advisory Group)

Europarc – the umbrella organisation for protected landscapes throughout Europe.

International Ranger Federation – the professional organisation working for all rangers around the world.

The Institute of Public Rights of Way and Access Management – the professional body representing those working in the management of rights of way and access in the UK.

Best of Both Worlds – web site promoting the management of outdoor recreation and conservation to achieve the best of both worlds. This is not a `balance` or a compromise – this is our aim to encourage more people out enjoying the natural environment more often, to benefit themselves and society generally.


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