Recent publications, articles and book chapters


Article in the Guardian – contributing to the discussion – “Is natural capital a ‘neoliberal road to ruin’?- experts discuss” 1 August 2014 – Guardian Sustainable Business Forum.
My Good Practice Guide, published by the Countryside Agency in 2005, Promoting Outdoor Recreation in the English National Parks,
CA214–good practice guide

Green Works! Developing Open Space in Peri-urban Areas
The Value of Green Investments in the Heart of Europe
– Lynn Crowe (2010) Chair’s final summary address at Green Works conference, Bruges, 12-13 October 2010, organised by VLM (the Flemish Government Land Agency).
Chair’s summary – Green Works conference

Chapter 8 “Leisure and the Natural Environment” of “Torkildsen’s Sport and Leisure Management”, edited by Peter Taylor, published in 2010 by Routledge.

Do countryside access volunteers provide value for money? – Nina Davies and Lynn Crowe (2011), Waymark v.23, Spring 2011, pp.4-7
Article for waymark

Sustainable Tourism and Visitor Management in Japan’s National Parks – Lynn Crowe & Suzanne Leckie (2010) Countryside Recreation Journal, Vol 18., No.1. pages 19-21.

2010- VOL 18-1 Summer


Editorial (p.2) and article “Is there really a skills shortage?” – Lynn Crowe and John Rose (2005), Countryside Recreation Journal, v.13, No.3, Autumn/Winter, pp.13-18.
CRN Journal 2005 – VOL 13-3 Autumn Winter


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