photo 4 Lynn Crowe

Currently Professor of Environmental Management in the Department of the Natural and Built Environment, Sheffield Hallam University, I have been involved in landscape and access management for over thirty years. I worked previously for the Countryside Commission, Rotherham MBC Countryside Service, West Yorkshire MCC Countryside Service, and the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England. My main interests are encouraging more people to enjoy nature more often, enhancing green spaces in public places, and the management of our most protected landscapes.

As well as supporting research in the Department of the Natural and Built Environment, I also belong to a cross-faculty research group at Sheffield Hallam University – the Outdoor Recreation Research Group. We bring together economists, social scientists, engineers and behavioural change experts, to provide research evidence, expertise and consultancy services to encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors more often. Do contact us if we can assist your organisation.

I’ve worked with many different agencies and organisations. I was a Member of the Peak District National Park Authority for ten years, and a Board Member of English Nature and Natural England. I have worked with the Forestry Commission and Defra, and for many years managed the Countryside Recreation Network. I am currently a member of the South Yorkshire Local Nature Partnership.

In my spare time, travelling around the world with my family, and our allotment at 1000′ in the Peak District, sort of keep me out of mischief! I am `blogging` personally, about stuff which I hope is of interest to my students and anyone else out there listening.


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